What they say . . .  

UK based Singer / Songwriter whose Folk, Blues and Jazz influenced debut album Palomino was described by Blues in Britain journalist Nigel Foster as “song-craft and writing of the highest order . . . intelligent, thought provoking and enjoyable music . . . a quite lovely album”.

Nick’s second album LEVEL was released in September 2018.   From electric rock’n’blues to gentle keyboard tracks and solo acoustic guitar pieces, songs on the album have drawn comparisons with the likes of JJ Cale and Chris Difford , with Nick describing the ten original tracks on LEVEL as ” . . . having something to appeal to a lot of tastes . . . a collection of songs that don’t belong in one box” and acknowledging that . . . ” there will be those that see the diversity on the album as its strength while those looking to pigeon-hole my style, will see it as a weakness, but that’s just too bad, I can’t write to a formula”.

THREE3Released in November 2021, Nick’s latest album THREE continues this eclectic mix of musical styles. From the sax-led Times in Your Life (feat. Nathan Haines) to the good-time rockabilly, Jerry Lee Lewis sound of Dancing Feet and from the Roger Waters inspired Black Notes for Dark Days, to the jazz instrumental Mombo, THREE is an unpredictable mix of styles that will take the listener in many different and unexpected directions.

shutterstock_180553184What I say . . . 

First and foremost I am song-writer, secondly a recording artist and thirdly I am a performer.  I love melody and am always striving to create music that at least sends a tingle down my spine and at best makes me cry – in a good way of course.  I write using guitars and keyboards and can honestly say that I have no particular genre in mind when I start a new piece.

In recent years my output has leant heavily on the acoustic guitar but just recently I haveshutterstock_139363592 been favouring the electric guitar with the resulting work having a bit more of a boogie about it.  In the studio I play all the instruments myself – either adapting the songs for solo live performance or putting a band together to play them.