I was incredibly fortunate back at the beginning of 2020 to meet a quite brilliant saxophone player called Nathan Haines, a musician of world renown, who I was hoping to book for a project I was curating in his home city of Auckland.  Somewhat inevitably, Covid put an end to the project but the connection was not in vain.  Almost exactly a year after we met, I am thrilled to be releasing a song on which Nathan not only played a sublime saxophone part, but which he also mixed for me.  His contribution has taken this song to an entirely new place and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it – or keen to share it with the world.

Check out Nathan’s work at NathanHaines.com and you’ll immediately understand why I feel so honoured to have him play on this track. 

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Cover photo by Carol Herbert at  www.realworldart.co.uk

I know I’ve alluded to it before, but I write songs because I can’t not write songs.  I don’t have a defined genre – and nor do I want one.  I write what I feel, when I feel it. If you like what I was feeling when I wrote the song above – it’s called This is for You and it’s from my 2nd album LEVEL which, like all my music, can be downloaded via Spotify, Apple Music, etc..

And be it a gently tapping foot or thoughts of a loved one  . . .  the slightest shiver across the skin or a beaming smile . . . watery eyes or a need to dance, I hope that through my song-writing I can create in the listener a response to this thing that I can’t stop doing.  I’ve never seen myself as an artist but I guess that is what I have become, and my challenge is to become better at my craft.  After all – if I cant stop doing it, the least I can do is try to be good at it.

Have a look around the site and I hope you like what you stumble across.  

And I thank you all – as ever, for taking the trouble to engage.   

Have a great week. I hope it’s a happy one