For the umpteenth time in a life that has been truly blessed, I find myself sheltered from the madness and the misfortune that so many are experiencing right now. I’m feeling a mix of gratitude and guilt mixed with anxiety and optimism. So forgive me if I simply share a new song for these strange days. It too has a little of all these emotions. Take care of yourselves, take care of others and I hope you find a little joy in the music x

I know I’ve alluded to it before, but I write songs because I can’t not write songs.  I don’t have a defined genre – and nor do I want one.  I write what I feel, when I feel it. If you like what I was feeling when I wrote the song above – it’s called This is for You and it’s from my 2nd album LEVEL which, like all my music, can be downloaded via Spotify, Apple Music, etc..

And be it a gently tapping foot or thoughts of a loved one  . . .  the slightest shiver across the skin or a beaming smile . . . watery eyes or a need to dance, I hope that through my song-writing I can create in the listener a response to this thing that I can’t stop doing.  I’ve never seen myself as an artist but I guess that is what I have become, and my challenge is to become better at my craft.  After all – if I cant stop doing it, the least I can do is try to be good at it.

Have a look around the site and I hope you like what you stumble across.  

And I thank you all – as ever, for taking the trouble to engage.   

Have a great week. I hope it’s a happy one


This new song called No Limits is both a tribute to, and takes its inspiration from, the incredible Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge who, on Saturday 12th October 2019, took on the INEOS:159 challenge and became the first person to ever run a sub 2 hour marathon. 

In smashing down what many saw as the last barrier in modern athletics, Eliud not only made history, but he confirmed his strongly held belief that no human is limited, that any human being can go beyond their limits, and beyond their thoughts.  

And it’s a philosophy that Eliud is convinced can be applied far beyond the confines of the athletics track.  No matter what challenges we all face in life, no human is limited.  

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