I have a new single coming out in a few weeks’ time.  Like so many artists and creators, I am desperate to share my new work and yet I struggle hugely with self promotion.   My greatest pleasure is in making the music, but I’d be lying if I said don’t have a naive dream that this new work might collide with someone or something – causing an almost imperceptible shudder – but a shudder nonetheless.  

Would anyone like to give it a listen and write a few words in advance of its release?

The Times in Your Life (feat. Nathan Haines) is available from 1st Feb. 2021 

Cover photograph by Carol Herbert, www.realworldart.co.uk

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Can honestly say that, for me at least, this is the best song I’ve ever put out and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

From the sublime sax playing of Nathan Haines, who also mixed the song, to the beautiful cover photo by Carol Herbert at www.realworldart.co.uk, and mastering by Jason Cambridge, everything about this song just feels so right.

Apologies in advance but need to get busy spreading the word ❤️ x

Available 1st Feb. Click to find out more

Dipping my toe in the playlist pool. Link below to the first few tunes. There’s no carefully decided track order – simply throwing in some of the tracks that touch me – for all sorts of reasons. Hope you might feel the same about a track or two.

Going to keep adding so please give it a follow and hopefully there’ll be something for you ❤️ x