I was incredibly fortunate back at the beginning of 2020 to meet a quite brilliant saxophone player called Nathan Haines, a musician of world renown, who I was hoping to book for a project I was curating in his home city of Auckland.  Somewhat inevitably, Covid put an end to the project but the connection was not in vain.  Almost exactly a year after we met, I am thrilled to be releasing a song on which Nathan not only played a sublime saxophone part, but which he also mixed for me.  His contribution has taken this song to an entirely new place and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it – or keen to share it with the world.

Check out Nathan’s work at NathanHaines.com and you’ll immediately understand why I feel so honoured to have him play on this track. 

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Cover photo by Carol Herbert at  www.realworldart.co.uk

Can honestly say that, for me at least, this is the best song I’ve ever put out and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

From the sublime sax playing of Nathan Haines, who also mixed the song, to the beautiful cover photo by Carol Herbert at www.realworldart.co.uk, and mastering by Jason Cambridge, everything about this song just feels so right.

Apologies in advance but need to get busy spreading the word ❤️ x

Available 1st Feb. Click to find out more